December 20th, 2022 Livestream Q&A: Will Overclocking Mk.3 Miners be addressed?

December 20th, 2022 Livestream

Q&A: Will Overclocking Mk.3 Miners be addressed?

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will there be a way to make use of post 780 parts per minute for MK3 miners so that's something that we will address at some point yeah we will address that at some point that's my understanding yeah, any plans over 1200 Min per minute belt or Miner, probably not so as I was saying before we get Precision issues as the number of, units in the through port throughput or like that are being generated or sunk or or even fluids right when these numbers as these numbers increase we actually like mathematically and not just mathematically but like they're just technical issues and like limitations that start to, cause issues and so I think that if anything if anything, there might end up being a point in time where we scale down everything just so that we we don't have to deal with that technical limitation so much anymore and you guys can have more Precision but like in a relative sense right so it will still essentially be the same game it's just like list numbers, and then so if I take your question then like is there going to be a 1200 per minute belt or is there going to be a foster belt, maybe if we can get around these technical issues that could possibly be floating Point Precision issues yeah so it is floating Point Precision issues that's one part of it but it's also like the other issue is also like, the way now I don't know this I'm trying to think of this if I can get this correct but it's also a matter of like when you're how many how many items gets processed per frame right now if if we if if there's like if you're you've got items zipping through and in one frame they're supposed to be like six items that go into a building because maybe I don't know you have a low frame rate or there's a spike in at this one moment or if if the, the the belt is so obscenely quick that that happens accounting for all of these different like movements within the factory, in the factory tick can be really tough, I think I think you can only actually do the way it is you can only do like one at a time or something like that and then I think we have to then simulate frames to make up for it if there's like a one long frame I don't know all this like weird so it's it's not just the floating Point position issue which I think is there as well but it's also like how do you handle if there's a lag Spike or if there's just low FPS and there's a lot of, items that get you know produced or sunk into a building how do we handle that on conveyor belts or split or merged how do we handle that like completely accurately right because you guys you guys will know if there's like a one percent sway you will notice it in your factory won't you you will like your power will go out or you know buildings will be like backed up like you will know it it so it really needs to be really really really precise like 100 of the time otherwise you will feel it in your factory and that's that's a very hard issue to solve especially on like computers where frame rates can be variable and all that kind of stuff so Update 7 was a huge Improvement on your lag and lag spikes that's good to hear the math yeah it's a it's a combination of like math and just like like algorithmic logic kind of you know it's like how how do we handle it how do we handle it what do we do there should have been 10 items that went into this building what do we do how do we calculate that