September 15th, 2020 Livestream Snutt Talk: Dedicated Servers

September 15th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Dedicated Servers

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and and on the topic also one thing that it's probably also good to clear up is, because that's just someone asking about dedicated servers which is, the running question, on everyone's mind, we are we are prioritizing dedicated dessert we're I can't talk we're gonna prioritize dedicated servers more going forward now, leading up to and like dedicated server isn't tied into any specific update so as soon as we feel like we can put out dedicated servers now we're gonna do it, we are going to actually double the amount of people working on dedicated servers which is, from one to two exactly, chase is that actually true yeah you threw me on the bus there


, but we are prioritizing getting dedicated serves more so, because we've had to like move people over from from for the steam release because that took up so much time for us but some work that went into the steam release also went into dedicated servers apparently, like the whole system where like you can join on, like the session id that all that work is going to be used for dedicated servers so it's not like we're wasting time on working on the steam version I hope- I hope people that bought the game on steam think that we didn't waste time making a steam version, so yeah dedicated service we're we're prioritizing that going forward, I don't know exactly how much time is is left I don't even know how much work is left honestly, because I haven't gotten a good update on that lately, but so so the reason why I brought this up as well was that we're planning on getting dedicated servers out for for windows but when we say that we don't have plans for mac and linux for the like game satisfactory we are considering doing linux servers but we haven't fully committed on that yet so it's not like out of the question that we're not going to make you know dedicated search for linux yet but I don't know what the state of things are so I'm just speculating here but this is the when we've been discussing dedicated servers we've we've been like all right prioritize windows but possibly linux dedicated servers as well yes