May 19th, 2023 Video Attachment Points

May 19th, 2023 Video

Attachment Points

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Towers have two attachment points they have a top and a bottom there's a power top and there's a power bottom oh I'm just sitting there going don't make the don't make the joke Chase don't make the jokes don't say it don't say it Power top and power bottom okay and the different attachment points actually have, I think the top one has three attachments to it and the bottom one has four so the Power Tower can connect up to seven, connections at a time, the top of the bottom attachment points have different properties for example if you, click a power line on the top, attachment points and you drag out you'll drag out a Power Tower automatically in the same way that power poles usually work when you drag a line out of out of power poles and if you, attach it to the bottom attachment point that automatically pulls out a power pole which is generally speaking what you want to do when you're, working with the power Towers you know use the top attachment points for to cover a lot of distance and then the bottom one is to pull out power poles to nearby factories another property of the power