May 19th, 2023 Video Fuse Sequence tab

May 19th, 2023 Video

Fuse Sequence tab

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down entirely so the way that this works is if you go up to the priority power switch you open up its menu there'll be a fuse sequence Tab and in it on the right hand side there will be like all of your priority power switches that you've built and a bunch of fuse groups right and then you can just simply drag and drop your priority power switches into whatever group you want them to be in and so when there isn't enough power in your factory your fuse groups will start turning off from lowest priority to highest party lowest priority being fuse group eight highest party being fuse group one and it will turn off everything within those groups one by one until your factory stabilizes and an easy way to remember these fuse groups is that fuse group one is for your number one priority buildings so you want them to stay on as long as possible okay so a good use case for these for example is you might want to keep power production buildings Infuse group one that way they are the Lost buildings to shut down because if you lose power to your power production buildings it can be a real pain generating power to get your power production back up and running again another cool feature with these bad boys is that you can actually modify the priority setup of any priority power switch from any switch regardless of whether they are on a network or not a network at all so you can just pop a priority power switch down in front of you and manage all of your priority power switches from anywhere if you want not only that but the priority power switch is in the fuse menu have little like toggles on them right you guys see a little slider there and that is to turn on or off remotely any priority power switch from anywhere across the map and I think this is a secret little gem of a feature so this means that like even if you're not relying on the whole like automatic trip feature to to save your factory from shutting down it's such a great way to turn on and off distant, factories that you don't want to to take up power anymore if you don't want them to you can just do it from anywhere I think this is a really really really powerful, extra feature a little bonus feature to get here with the priority power switch now depending on how you've built