November 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 59)

November 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 59)

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yeah and then here comes the best part of the video yeah i guess we just let this play there's there's no way i can sync this i'm so useless at golf you can do it chase what the huh what is that you god yeah close enough that's not important what matters is that you believe in yourself but i'm trash i know but you got this believe in yourself you can do it i can do this i can do this i can do this oh wow my computer is [ __ ] fighting to play this yeah dude it's too much oh wow did premium just crash


vomitos [ __ ] i actually did oh there we go okay i guess we can talk about that segment uh so yeah we uh this is i can't remember


we we had like i needed like it would be nice to have in all the videos we've made we always love having like references to you know other content creators like we had kbit save file in one of our in the fluids update and we had we mentioned josh before in the i hope you had fun i know i did and the bits written like i love that stuff so like when we were thinking of ideas i was like it'd be fun to just have josh in the video and i asked him and he's just like immediately like yes tell me what to say i'm in it i want to do it like so so so kind like just jumped on immediately like no questions to ask or anything like that and it made the most sense here as well because we wanted a mysterious voice and we're like who's got this like booming you know like like you can like god-like kind of voice you know and because because i remember i got the idea that like when i was watching some of his streams and i saw people mentioning like constantly like oh he's got an angelic voice i was like all right angelic voice and then what if it's rich and clear yeah and what if he just visits jay's mind at the most opportune moment so josh didn't know anything when he sent him the script like in his script it says like there's a pivotal moment and you're you're you're telling jace that he can do it and your lines aren't even the lines you said like they're close but they're not like because you say golf or something like that my lines you mean yeah so you mean the lines that were listed as jason's in the script that was sent to josh wasn't even the real line so josh didn't know anything like he just know that like it's a pivotal moment i obviously didn't want to like say this josh and be funny and then we'd like construe his words or anything like that so i made sure that like the script made sense it was true and all that stuff like but uh and and josh made did two takes he did one where like he spoke in that angelic voice and like acted it out and then it did another all the lines where like he just did in his normal voice and i just ended cutting back and forth between the different versions um oh that's like with the uh i'm trash i know yeah exactly like that was probably more of like exactly and then i switched back to like believe in yourself yeah so that kind of stuff you can do it so a lot of fun super super stoked that he that he uh just uh jumped on board um i'm just gonna say so and and when i told him like hey do you want to record a few lines like absolutely and then we recorded a couple of lines that i will not like say what he says but he said something very explicit first like that's what you meant and i'm like no close but not quite um