October 19th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Do you still get hate even though you're both awesome?

October 19th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Do you still get hate even though you're both awesome?


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next week do you still get hate even though you're both awesome you know a lot of people would get hate probably also have a lot of people who think they're awesome um but i don't think we do we don't really get much hate no this community is pretty solid pretty chill yeah for sure i think we've also the fact that we're we're kind of just like being ourselves makes a big difference too because people just sort of treat us like people um i think that makes a big difference i think uh because there's there's like a saying where you know if you see like 10 nice comments and one like bad one you'll the 10 ones won't outweigh the the the rough one right i think we're getting so many like nice comments that whenever i do see something like that i just brush it off and like don't really just notice it it's kind of weird as well like because you can have people who hate you like there are some people who say just like really nasty things like every now and then but it's like they're not even that bad because because they're so far off the deep end that it's like how could i possibly respect that comment right this means nothing to me you're a completely random person i don't value that input at all but the the more frustrating they're like there's there's a line that some people can walk though where they're where they're sort of like they're not a hater but they they they can still like jab at you a little bit and like there's an art to that some people are really [ __ ] good at that art let me just tell you but they're not really haters they're just like it's just like why would you say that you know like why would you and they're they're not necessarily saying it to hate on you either yeah yeah yeah yeah those are the the most frustrating things so i guess it's a it's a good problem to have like i suppose like that's always going to happen when there's a lot of people um but it's not a big deal no for the most part everyone's lovely yeah yeah from a scale from jace to snoot how awesome will the trailer be what kind of scale is this 2 out of 10 for sure yeah yeah what the hell it's like uh yeah out of one out of three how much do you yeah well this is a good comment here look this is actually super true so like well to be honest chase you two treat us as people too not just like another sale number good attracts good i guess yeah and i think that's part of it yeah that that's been like my goal since like before i started with community management was like like it's really important for me to show everyone that we're just people right and we're not just like these faceless corporations we're actually people who work hard right but the other part of that that equation is that we then need to treat you like people as well uh and and that is actually a conscious effort it's really nice to hear that next three that you you think that because that kind of means that you know this thing that we're intentionally trying to do is coming across and that's really nice so yeah get out of here fragrance free vaseline work hard kappa get out of here get out of here right so yeah write some tweets then instead of working on the game yeah uh let's see a lot of nice comments thank you yeah