November 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 58)

November 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 58)

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look at this i love how like almost everybody caught on like the the what we were setting up here we're like oh [ __ ] this is where it turns like or or maybe maybe they both tie or like even before this whole segment where i start like [ __ ] up like people are already like caught on pizza come on [ __ ] it you [ __ ] ass uh snoop what's wrong you're usually so calm and composed it's just the uh the comments man like i just got this from from dark angel 69 right factoria is a way better game than satisfactory snoot sucks folks i love this [ __ ] slow super [ __ ] i didn't think about this woman i made the edit until you're pointed out but it's so much better i was like this is so awkward without a zoom we need to zoom here yeah i know you all want me to win for dedicated servers but at what cost not like this send snoot some love there's that's the proper spelling dark dark angle i love that uh when so i i love this whole idea by the way because this whole we're gonna get to that vamos a bit because i just love how that came to be because it's like it went through so many like different ways of how we wanted to do that because the original idea was that even before we decided on golf or anything like that jace had the idea that like be funny if we had someone in chat to like write out like what's going on and then i wrote like in the script and we kept talking about dark angel and i wrote in script dark angle and then like two weeks later or something you like noticed it and you're like what the

[ __ ]

yeah and what was really cool is that like when i noticed it i didn't think you made a typo yeah i was like i got it i was like oh i see yeah it's uh it's from the uh there's a meme with like i can be your angel or your devil or something like that yeah angel is spelled angle and it's so funny and it's like a super cringey like i've been i've been using dark angel 69 as just my generic usually like whenever i'm referring to like some generic twitch chatter or internet person on twitter i would always say darkangel69 right like i've been using that for like forever and now it's been taken away now when everyone says anyone says dark angel 69 they're gonna be like oh satisfactory video so now i need to make up a new username for generic [ __ ] it i'll just go with dark angel who cares dark angel 68. dark angel 420 yeah maybe they're all going to take it dark angle force you know what i'm feeling a little bit better here i think i got this


this is also like this is like the first idea we had like almost for this video was that like yeah and then recovers and then goes straight in the hole and then you say dude chat stop too much easy there grandpa instantly call him old again we have to we have to can we should can we show bloopers of us getting that ball yeah we're gonna get to that we're gonna get to that okay okay cool cool cool cool okay big mess up if you didn't notice this shot this hole looks eerily similar to uh where is it this hole right it's a bit different grating but it's pretty much the same hole oh and similar to the later hole as well i believe it's the same hole maybe maybe maybe it is but fun fact it's not the same hole as uh this one it's not the same hole yeah yeah oh so funny i didn't even notice wait marv noticed okay what the chat stop too much easy there grandpa all right jace even after my big mess up seems like you're still two strokes behind from a tie which means you need to think this to win wait what happens well i guess we won't add golf or dedicated servers wait what there's no way we're going through this whole rigmarole of having a bet only to end up not adding either of them i love that i saw people in shaq going oh no they're not going to add either before the scene like right before this is said i saw people going like no they're not gonna add it either there's something that i love about our community management where we have created a situation where like we like we can do this like it is within the realm of pos it's pretty cool if we didn't add either quite frankly like we couldn't do that that would feel really bad but we have we have done enough trolling that it is within the realm of possibility that this could happen you know what i mean uh dedicated servers after saying no no no for so long could have been a really outlandish idea you know what i mean like of course we wouldn't be adding it um so who knows