June 18th, 2021 - Jace Talk: Dedicated Servers

June 18th, 2021 Satisfactory Recap! Stuff we've revealed on stream (but not yet on Youtube)

Jace Talk: Dedicated Servers




dedicated servers so uh
previously you know we've been working
on all sorts of bugs and issues with the
game including multiplayer ones right
and there are multiple sides of the coin
when it comes to dedicated servers one
is the actual dedicated server
build you know that that piece of
software the other part is the
multiplayer issues that even if you're
playing on a dedicated server
if these issues arise you won't be
playing on the server anymore because
it's a client-side bug no one is the
server that dedicated server is
and then there's no way to resolve it as
well as just crashes and things like
that as well
uh but uh there has been an update in
this we now have
one of our team members are now focusing
on the dedicated server
software part of things so uh that's the
the status on that as well
um and we're still also just working on
all the multiplayer bugs
as well so yeah there's some progress on
dedicated servers uh but no real actual
news to
to really give you i know it's
frustrating and it's getting really old
and memey at this point
but uh dedicated servers is something