June 18th, 2021 - Jace Talk: Train Updates

June 18th, 2021 Satisfactory Recap! Stuff we've revealed on stream (but not yet on Youtube)

Jace Talk: Train Updates




we've got updates on trains so trains
have actually been out for quite a while
and ever since we put trains out
when did we release trains was it like
nearly two years ago at this point i
um even at that point when we put it in
we we felt we weren't completely happy
with trains
we needed to uh make some fixes or
do some quality of life updates there
were just a lot of things that we had a
lot of plans we had
uh for trains in store uh but we haven't
done them yet so
we just want to say that yes there will
be updates to trains in the future
uh and one of the confirmed or i guess
two of the confirmed things that will
happen with trains in the future
is one collision so trains will collide
um and then two uh signaling so
signaling will be put in so that your
trains won't collide to avoid collision
uh so those two things will be added for