October 20th, 2020 Livestream Jace & Snutt Talk: State of Dev

October 20th, 2020 Livestream

Jace & Snutt Talk: State of Dev




let's do that now uh and talk about state of dev yeah take it away yes take it away yeah sure we're uh we're working on the game well i guess i love this park this is so funny no we're still working on it there's so far no like issues uh that we run into so like which is a first for us no it's not well it kind of is it is the first verse what are you talking about yeah i think the the actual release of the game that was like pretty good as well the first release we had because we set a date and then we worked towards that and then we released on that date that was that one time


i don't remember how much in advance we announced that date but that was like that was that was a legit release y'all it was also really rough to get it out on that date it was that's what happens when you set concrete dates yeah so but this time everything feels pretty good we haven't as far as i know it hasn't been super rough to get it out there's been like a few merch things maybe and we'll talk about that later down the line um because it is a bit like messy in terms of how we work right now because we've decided to not do like short term sort of uh releases or solutions or we don't want to work short term we decided to like because the problem with the previous releases was that we had like one branch we were working towards and then we were going to release that for whatever update or which meant that like if you're not if your work wasn't tied into that then people didn't like fully have something to do so they would work on other things and it was kind of messy to like merge it um so now we're working on like separate branches which means that some people are working like on update four some people are working on the fluid update some people are working on general like updates to the game so we have like the world branch that's just like general updates to the world and uh level design and all that jazz and then now for the the fluid update we're gonna be like all right let's pick the stuff that we need for the fluid update and combine them uh into the branch that's going up for for that uh which is like which means that it's a bit messier and there's like an extra step but it means that we can work more long term and we can focus on getting the game to like 1.0 while still doing these like kind of updates to the game and not feeling locked up by those um so that's pretty much still going and it's going pretty good so far um and uh yeah hopefully soon enough we'll have that juicy fluid update up out out to you all in the ether i just realized how overexposed i was oh oh chase it happens to the best of us it's like looks perfectly fine on my pc but then on actual stream labs it's bonkers hmm yeah i i didn't hear anything you said but i think it might be good it's it's as usual it's like our own meetings uh so that's pretty much where we're at right now and uh yeah like we have another teaser coming out this week for more juicy gossip of what's coming out