April 5th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Multiplayer 4Package% Speedrunning

April 5th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Multiplayer 4Package% Speedrunning


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another really exciting thing that happened in the community we got a really quick rifle up this table, the very first like speed run correct me if I'm wrong because I'm pretty sure a couple of people were here actually that participated in that but there was a speed run for the entire game a multiplayer speed run with all the four as of now like at full game as of now, where, a couple of p's came together it was led by epiphany who has the like or had I don't know if the current standing is correct anyway but word records for the the first package run, it's still epiphany yeah yeah cool and it's right after him so so can you give me the time for the final because I think it ended up like 57 hours or something like that 54 54 hours okay I don't have it right now I believe it was 54 hours and something, yeah so they they so it's it's four package percent is the category name and basically that means, how long it takes to send up all four packages up the space elevator and so basically which is as of how the game is at the moment it means finishing all packages basically and it was done in 47 54 hours 7 minutes and 13 seconds right yes very cool that's so fast it's amazing, and that was done on like a dedicated server including like random issues that happened during the run- I heard that he said that like at some point ram ran out on the dedicated server so it just shut down so he needed to like pay for more and stuff like that and they were a sleuth of bugs and random stalls and like crashes and good time because they still managed to get it down to 57 yep which is insane 54. 54. damn it I keep yeah and, I mean you know if you're the first person and only person to do that or it wasn't just one person there were many people who helped out you all share the, the world record then yeah so link to video I don't know if there is a video available I know that, we can link to his twitch and in their twitch, past broadcast they have a lot of it but you know what when I checked their passport costs I didn't see the end of it I didn't see like yeah which sucks so I didn't I couldn't see the actual final timer but, this is their twitch twitch.tv slash epiphany


yes hopefully but but I think for it to be submitted they have to make like a full video so hopefully there's there's one somewhere around there and maybe it'll get uploaded yes hopefully yeah I mean one of the streams is 48 hours long and then there's like a six hour one but I when I checked the six hour one at the end this it didn't finish and then the next video wasn't there so hopefully they have a record of it somewhere because yeah they did the entire thing in one stream by the way as well so which is also nutty, there's one more thing I want to say about that which was, good job


, oh his desktop crashed and the timer's restarted oh is that what happened so maybe the final thing is there oh that sucks that sucks they took it it took a single nap that entire time that's crazy really I thought it was more yeah [ __ ] I mean I'm not I'm not I'm not one to be like yeah stay awake for that long and you know like you should sleep folks but still you know I'm a [ __ ] wreck if I don't sleep I yeah I'm a wreck even if I do sleep dude what's the point I should just not sleep it doesn't matter, no yeah the thing I was gonna say was that this event was like planned since like a month ahead or something like that so a lot of planning went into this as well so yeah good job nicely done can't wait for satisfaction to take up half of the agdq stream yes I mean let's see what on the q a side yeah well we can't really do the, marathon straight safe strats here so this, little I'm gonna take a left here instead and that's gonna add three hours to the run time get cozy everybody got me popcorn yeah all right this next strat is me going to bed I'll see you in eight hours I like to sleep on the left side of the bed it's a little closer to the pc I can get up and save some frames saves a couple of frames when I get out of that yeah all right anyways