December 11th, 2020 Teasers Aluminum Casing

December 11th, 2020 Teasers

Aluminum Casing



okay and then we'll drive to the next room we're here okay so here we have something new aluminum casing let's check out the concept art all right so this is the i said aluminum casing aluminium casing by the way the eye is there as you can see uh yeah so it's just um plain aluminium you can see some rubber padding there you know for safety's sake right yeah i guess based sort of on your uh pc cases and some uh cool stuff like this so basic component for high tier stuff says the art director i'm sure so does everyone else they they probably all agree i think we're all in agreement that this is actually the case cool so let's take a look in game there it is that's what it looks like we can duck down we can duck and weave check it all out this is this is them in motion look at these bad boys in motion very nice aluminium casing i also have a note here that these casings will be made from aluminium ingots all right now i know i said i'm not going to give you any recipes or anything like that but this is just a [ __ ] aluminium case it says aluminum casing hi okay cool so uh we can read the description i guess take a look this is the icon in the menu aluminium casing a versatile container casted from aluminium ingots easy peasy cool let's get on to the next part all right let's get in the car we got a little bit