October 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Train Signals & Collisions Teaser (Part 3)

October 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Train Signals & Collisions Teaser (Part 3)


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yeah so, here's something interesting right you can see the thing over there what's that what's that that's a thing that's interesting what is that also did you get did you also see that like there's a little thing here on the side that it's like green and then as the train enters it it goes red then it goes red hmm so you're saying the signals it's a flower it's a really strange flower yeah it's an angler fish you gotta be careful with those yeah so so that's interesting and then moves over to this next scene interesting there's another flower here but wait the flower's got this like yellow thing here the yellow flower it's a yellow top I believe they're called interesting yes they're native and then on the left side you see another flower type situation that one's not yellow though what's up with that interesting interesting it's weird that's weird weird how we would customize that specific thing in the game where you can't like paint the vehicles but you can't can paint these flowers strange maybe maybe it means something no no it couldn't be and I guess also a weird thing with this flower is that it it's the train stops before it gets to it and then it turns green interesting oh there must be like a little pressure that needs to push first it's like an indiana jones type level or something where it's like it's a trap exactly look even more stuff things wait wait there's there's a yellow one and a black one in the same area they grow in the same area that's strange interesting and then yes the colors yeah what do they mean yeah and then you also see this one is green from the get-go joshie the copying factory what the have you seen our game dude pretty similar in a lot of ways no this is the this is this is where the what's the expression factory have yellow yellow plants although that's the thing though yeah yeah yeah we just joint that feature straight out of there again and interesting like as soon as the last card enters passes this other signal this flower sorry this flower turns green interesting interesting yo yo the bit on the side goes on too it does what does it mean what does it mean but why were there two interesting interesting and then oh one weird thing with this one is this one doesn't have the red thing on the back side whereas the other one in the earlier in the video did


that's kind of peculiar is it is it not getting enough water