September 10th, 2021 Video Jace Talk: Vehicles & Fuel usage

September 10th, 2021 Video

Jace Talk: Vehicles & Fuel usage

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another issue of unreliability with the vehicles before is that vehicles would stop running in the middle of their path because they ran out of fuel and this can happen for a few reasons it could be because you're not providing enough fuel or it could be that if you have you know a truck coming after another truck the first truck takes all the fuel or too much fuel more than it needs and doesn't leave enough fuel for the vehicle that comes directly after it and so we've made some changes to help with, fuel in general as well so as I said before the truck ui is getting an update it's showing how much fuel how much of a given type of fuel is needed for all the vehicles using the truck station so that's going to help so people know how much they need to provide the second thing that we're doing is that now vehicles now calculate how much fuel they need for their route and they only take how much they need so that's the other important thing there they'll never take too much the next thing is that vehicles that get to a truck station that does not have enough fuel for them will wait for enough fuel so they'll stay there they'll wait so they have what they need to complete the their route and then they'll then they'll take off and so a knock-on effect of this is that vehicles now require, their recordings to be a closed loop okay so now when you record your paths with your vehicles this has changed as well so you would drive around like like normal and in order to complete your recording you need to touch the first node of the recording again and that ends recording and saves the recording another issue with