May 16th, 2023 Livestream Intro / State of Dev / Changes to Regional Pricing / SOC Giveaway

May 16th, 2023 Livestream

Intro / State of Dev / Changes to Regional Pricing / SOC Giveaway

00:00 Intro
02:55 State of Dev
03:20 Update 8 Teaser
04:48 Talking about the Teaser
10:28 More information on Friday
11:17 Other State of Dev stuff
12:18 Ascension Day
13:04 Thanks İlayda, helps a lot!
14:47 Regional Pricing
22:06 Q&A: Can you tell us what regions that are going to change the most?
24:31 Songs of Conquest giveaway
38:39 Q&A: Update 8-Track, when?

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foreign hey how's it going everybody howdy howdy howdy for a second I thought you were the replay or like the recording that I did before because you I am [ __ ] I would live here yes yes I would welcome everybody to the weekly Dev stream with me and pre-recorded Jace I've, We've no


yeah I've lived there I've lived there here we start over, what if we did that what if we did an entire thing where you you've filmed your whole section and then I try to like sync up with it how do you wait maybe that's what we're doing right now yeah yeah no actually yeah I would live there I've lived there yeah all right good one anyways hello everyone welcome back to the weekly live stream where we sit sit and chat and and, yep we talk about stuff we say that we're part of the satisfactory category we're not actually playing satisfactory what if twitch finds out and they, it's us yeah but you've been streaming they're gonna sue us for all our bits yep and Subs, yeah we are we are going to be talking about satisfactory things today, at one point we will talk about things that aren't, satisfactory we have a lot of stuff to talk about today actually yeah actually I think we're we're missing a tab as well or are we gonna oh did you want me to add a tab for that yeah I don't know what should I type it yeah let's let's do it okay add a tab we'll add a tab s how do we phrase it though, maybe we'll just about a state of depth yeah that's what I was thinking like- I don't know I don't know yeah there's this thing yeah I don't know, anyways yeah talk about, not necessarily well it's tied to the game but not tied to update a, so, busy day busy day and I don't even know where to start yep, should we maybe just start with with a state of Dev what's going on yeah let's do state of Dev, you guys see the, yeah the teaser actually I was thinking we could play the teaser, we're gonna play we're gonna play the director's cut okay so last week we put out a teaser and, here it is here is definitely the tease of them all right foreign yeah how about that what do you think about that that's a cool teaser right so much things to be teased about hmm it was, I noticed that this teaser was a little less, shiny I think this was the director's cut yeah this was the, in this was how not as specular smooth yeah round so, voice out of sync can you refresh and make sure that it's not it's not way out of sync wait did the, the settings refreshed or something oh they did, wait am I [ __ ] we fixed this before this dream God damn it we did we did or no it's Jason's I would say thank you this one needs to go yeah I think that one needs to go there actually yeah or maybe this put that one there sync is fine for wait other people's saying it's fine I think it's fine I refreshed oh my God you got one guy dude all right I'm going back to how it was let that's oh let that sink in oh good one I'm so in sync right now right all right cool oh no okay yeah that should have been worse oh it should be this one so cool super in sync now all right anyways, should be fine give it 10 years there we go all right cool


, so it's fine for me I'm looking right now okay cool it's fine to me, what are we talking about we're muted there we go so, yeah the the trailer this was the this was the intended trailer that was supposed to go out there was a little tiny mistake when I was rendering the last like version of the teaser video that that's on YouTube I mean you can't look at it if you want to see those specifics you can do like you can do a side by side now and do like fine five different things that are different between these two videos but, yeah when I made the final render I accidentally included a clip that was like a pre-test render, that was like a test render essentially and and, when I was editing the video I noticed that like oh this thing with the power generator is kind of weird I don't like how the wave glitches and then I looked at the previous Clips I had I'm like oh wait this clip is it's way better but then when I was watching it live I realized oh [ __ ] there's like artifacts on on the on the on the building but that wasn't the the the weird thing the weird thing was that there was a [ __ ] Dev thing as a monkey you were too lost to the sauce but the weird thing is like five other people watch that video and we're like yeah it's pretty good everything happens every time we we, we, quote unquote leak something we're gonna explain what that was though because, some people most people did catch it though and and the, like the consensus as to like what what was going on you know was kind of conveyed I think because most people actually recognized it, so we have when when we were working on the game we have, a couple of tools that makes it easier for us to test stuff and, I believe you showcased this in a video about something else which I can't remember what it was yep I can't remember but we have to, we have two building parts that are like power, buildings where one you can like set it to just I want this much power and and you hook it up to like a power line and you get that much power now we also have a different one where it says I want to take this much power like I want to drain this much power so that was what was in the video it was I wanted to like force you know execute the drain for the the power sources so the way I did that instead of building a factory that took more power than I was producing I just put down one of those and like created that drain essentially so the power storage is kicked in and I wanted to like kick in with just enough so the drain was like as long as it could be so like the power drain was exactly like one milliwatt too much, and, when I was making the test renders I just put this somewhere in the world and then afterwards I cleaned it up and put it a little bit better but I forgot to remove it in the [ __ ] edit so, yeah I'm fired oh yep fired again yeah I guess but, what did you all think the, we were teasing so there was obviously the golden golf ball but what were the other things folks tell us sand there was a lot of sand yeah we're teasing sand lines there were power lines electrical Towers yeah they were electrical Towers that's true where they though this is now we just Gaslight everyone yeah but were they power Towers though actually what I don't even think there was a teaser actually new power switch new Switch interest novelist on the gas okay the finished game yep as a team all right interesting interesting well, I believe this week we're gonna have a video with a little bit more information about what was in that video the things that were able to have, so we have like a let's react where we sit and watch the teaser first yeah that'll be the video yeah so yeah you guys keep guessing for a little bit yeah yeah and I don't know if you have a YouTube command or not if you want to learn more excellent you can go there Studios I don't know if that's shouldn't have an ad in there now I don't know but yeah this Friday we'll should have, well we do have another video that's gonna talk about those things and I think you guys are gonna find that interesting rather interesting yes, other state of Dev stuff, people yeah like we're still working on up to date we're still, we were hoping to have like a play test last week unfortunately the state of Lakeville was still not good enough for that, but I think we are having one this week or yeah tomorrow, there's still a couple of there's still like a lot of small things that sort of makes it not okay to to put up the game essentially we still don't have like a good solid idea of exactly when we will put out the updated on experimental, we have started like drawing putting on the drawing board potential new dates, internal ones that we will not communicate yet because we actually don't know which one makes sense yet, but we have something on the board I mean that's the state of thing this week is a short week for us in Sweden because we have what is it Ascension Day or what's the a car yeah I can't remember these random renders we have a couple of like whatever bank holidays, so like Thursday Friday are off for us this week so it's a really short week, yep so too much progress but we're we're gonna have that play test but, you know your boy gonna be releasing videos on Friday anyway working on Ascension Day Jays oh I can't believe this


Friday clam dog I got a lamb dog is Clem is that like not like hug or like what is that yeah squeeze which is brilliant a hug is a squeeze we're pretty pretty close yeah yeah okay, one other, it's not really yeah this is the thing we're not sure if there's a really state of Denver now but another thing that we want to talk about folks is, we've seen some people also ask about it and this is Elida so Elida hasn't been on our streams for a while or hasn't been any videos, and the reasons is that Elida has actually been on sick leave for a little while, we couldn't really say anything before because we didn't really know what was or was not appropriate to say like because we needed to check with her, but yeah she's been on sick leave for a while now so yeah is what it is, but then also, looks like, she won't be returning to a coffee stain afterwards as well so it was a short and sweet time that we had with Elida she's a really cool person I hope she gets better I hope everything gets better for her I've been in contact with her past a few days


, yeah so that's, pretty sad to report but we have to, tell you guys yeah so, any kind words before we later leave him here we can pass them on to her she was really really nice it helps a lot yeah thanks a lot it helps a lot already missed her yeah I mean yeah so hope not but could Cinderella Love we'll do will do I'll let I'll let her know that you all seen some nice things, but she was telling me she had a really really nice time, yeah and, wish her the best I don't know I don't I don't want to say too much or anything like that you know because like, she's not here you know, but yeah we wish her the best yeah for sure that's for sure yeah yes, cool should we just move on we have things to talk about it feels weird to just yeah yeah but I don't know how we go from this to the next thing yeah, so we're gonna talk about Regional pricing this is the best topic ever in the history of ever, yeah I know I know it feels amazing to talk about it for Elida, and then move to this topic, yeah but anyways but yeah we want to talk a bit about Regional pricing okay, and I'll just rip the Band-Aid off real quick here and that is that General generally speaking Regional pricing, for satisfactory will it be increasing on Steam, from next week and so basically we want to give you a heads up about it, and also just talk a little bit about Regional pricing in case maybe you don't know what Regional pricing is or why it's there and and then also talk a little bit about like why it might be going up okay, for some for some regions okay not not everywhere but for some regions, so first of all regional pricing is important because it's, it's something that like it's just the price of a game, can be different in different regions which makes sense so like on Steam so the price might be one thing in Europe or it might be something else in Canada or something else in Mexico, but the thing is the differences in the prices are not just one-to-one conversions with the currency and that's because there are like economical factors right, like how much people earn in those countries or cost of living and other other factors as well that I absolutely do not understand markets involved and like there's there's currency values that fluctuate and you know like a lot of stuff and like it's not cartons of stone it's like everything is moving all over the place yeah and like the power of an individual unit of currency can be different from place to place and so like a game that might be I don't know let's just say I'm just pulling numbers out of my butt here that's like five percent might be like five percent of your monthly salary or something I don't know depends what game it is depends where you are depends what salary it is but but the the equivalent amount somewhere else might end up being like an entire month of salary which means the regional price needs to be adjusted so that it is like fairly a similar portion of money basically in in that region which is why it's important so some regions if you were to just get the absolute values can be more expensive or more cheap than other regions but relatively speaking, they should be, fair for the region yeah that's the point of Regional pricing now there are people who are much smarter than snoot and I or even maybe anyone one of us at coffee stain who who knows how to determine what these regional prices should be and platforms like Steam for example have recommendations for what those, regional prices ought to be and then developers can choose what they you know what they want to do or you know we can set the prices in the end right but we can use those recommendations as guidelines if we want now unfortunately we have not been keeping up to date with this with satisfactory at all and so whilst like economic things in different regions have been fluctuating over the years we've just not changed anything, and this actually means that in many many regions in well not many many but like in various regions there we have, prices that are far far lower than they actually ought to be and I'm talking like 30 percent lower 50 lower and in like another case like 80-ish percent lower than what like it should be, and so we think that that's a bit too off the recommendations and so we want to bring things up to be a little bit more in the ballpark of what steam's regulations are we're not really planning to stick super tightly to it we're still setting the price ourselves to what we think is right in certain regions where we have some sense for what it could be, but we want to stay within some reasonable you know, how do I say some some reasonable band, like within a certain from from within a certain margin of yeah where we think it makes sense exactly recommends that, same goes on Epic as well like epic also has a couple of recommendations these are kind of handled separately as well yeah yeah, and so that's why this is going to change next week now what this does mean is that in some of these regions some regions, the prices will go up dramatically and if we had been adjusting our regional pricing as would as we went the the the price today would still end up being what it is because that's just where valve's recommendations are but the changes would have been gradual over the years but since we haven't done it over the years the change is likely going to be massive in some areas, like we're talking like for example if if a regional price is 50 of what the recommendation ought to be and we bring it up to let's say exactly the recommendation if if we were to do that, then that would be a 200 increase right in from what it was to what it becomes but if you compare it to the regional price it's actually exactly what the recommended price ought to be so this is just something that we sort of want to communicate that some areas that have not been up to date with, the economic fluctuations in certain regions will get, really really really big, right it's a 100 increase but it is 200 of what it was one plus 100 yeah exactly but but like yeah so if if we were to, yeah if we were to have kept up to date with this this would have been a bit more gradual in certain areas but some places it won't be, so the goal here is to get the regional pricing within a reasonable margin of steam's recommendations we're not really gonna try fix it directly to steam's recommendations we're still going to be picking some prices here and there for whatever we would want some prices may be a little bit above and some will and actually many most actually based on what we're looking at will be below, the recommended price but, we we want it all to be within just some range that we find to be reasonable okay so just want to communicate that to you guys and moving forward we want to update this a bit more regularly so that there are no like surprise jump scares like this ever again in the future because it's gonna look weird if we just put out like change the regional pricing, for those regions it's gonna like look pretty dramatic but yeah that's why we try to bite you know so someone here saying even if the pressure would triple I would buy it again and and so the the the plan here is that like even if we even if we were to adjust prices and they were to let's say double or something it's it depends how you look at it if you look at it from what it was it will be double the price but if you look at it from well how like what it was supposed to be based on the region based on all the economic factors or just adjusting it to what it was supposed to be or close to or within that ballpark yeah so we essentially want the game to be or feel like the same price in all regions that's the goal, yeah man you [ __ ] covered everything yeah yep okay, I'm just scanning can you tell exact percentage of regions instead you're going to change the most, I don't think, we really want to go into the specific thing there or at least that's not really well approval to talk about but next week that's going to change and it's going to be on Steam these changes, as for epic I think the way it works is like epic will have their own calculations for what are recommended prices and we're going to look into those as well but right now the changes are just going to happen on Steam and we're going to be looking at Epic in the future it's likely that we also take like both steams and epics recommendation and like merging together and like trying to figure out like we're a good middleware is right I'm not sure if yeah if, because- I actually this is a good question I forgot to ask this before when we were talking about this but it it's it's possible that like the price on Epic and steam I think the idea is that they're going to be the same for each region but it might be the case that they're not the same, but it would make sense if they were the same but yeah I have a memory and this memory could be wrong that I have a memory of like way way way way way back when we were looking at Regional pricing like, I think I had seen Regional pricing from both and that they were slightly different, so maybe they use different calculations or is it because initially when we launched on on Epic, there were a lot of regions that didn't have Regional pricing and a lot of people actually reached out to us and were like I can't really buy your game because it's incredibly expensive because it's just a one-to-one conversion from from Euro, and then epic gradually like introduced Regional pricing exactly more sense, yeah yeah that's right so now we're kind of in like a opposite situation here where the price that we set was for like when we launched a game I think I don't think we've ever changed Regional pricing, in any region so the pricing was like made sense back in 2018. exactly but certain regions have changed a lot since then, so is the price increase related to every game or satisfactory so we're just a satisfactory Community managers and this information that we're reporting is relevant to satisfactory, but it could very well be that like, other other parties in within, coffee stain will, also make changes if they if they if they want to know if they haven't already yeah maybe they already have yeah so yeah okay does that make sense want to let you guys know cool, all right let's talk about something kind of fun, SOC means, stands for songs or Conquest, it's another game developed by a different Studio than us but it's within the coffee stain like umbrella if you will exactly they are a coffee stain studio in fact you talked about this in your video when you talk about all the different Studios that are within the coffee stand umbrella, oh let me get a link to that so it's made by lava potion and their game song So Conquest is like a here's a might of magic kind of like inspired, yeah okay it's inspired by that and, they just released an update this yesterday actually so and, they asked us do you guys want to like do a little bit of cross promotion they were like how much money do we get and they're like you don't get any money like none like sick let's do it whatever I guess we could do it anyways then, so we're gonna be doing a little giveaway, and there's no better way to do giveaways than to play marbles Upstream so that's what we're gonna do there's literally no other better method so, so we're gonna play a little marvelous on stream we have, five keys to give away so and we're gonna play one round of marbles and top five people we'll get a key to songs of conquests whenever you feel like it okay three two one all right the delay all right anyways so, this is it's been so long since I played Barbers on this game you go to right is it arcade or is yeah is it just is it raised my name is raised right no yeah it's raised it's right right and then you find like a really good map people are really spamming play Chad car they're they're ready they're ready portal Purgatory this one's good it's only a minute though, can you find one is there one that like can you search on names or something like that is there one that's like something kind of like songs oh yes oh yes on The Conquest right working progress that's perfect Haunted Hills no working progress I saw that well nice good job that's pretty good here Haunted Hills yeah because, because it's there what was their what's their, new campaign yeah look I have no I know so no no no no no I know it I know it I absolutely know it, I'm waiting for for chat giving you guys a chance to learn okay so it's the graveyard shift all right there's a new new campaign I'm finally going to the graveyard Aloft okay so, I think it makes sense that we do the Haunted Hills that's perfect okay, and also the first five people the top five will be getting a key to songs of Conquest, and if you don't know what songs The Conquest is it's, it's kind of like Heroes of my magic from way back when if you guys have played that and, it's a very very fun game and this is like a modern take on that classic formula oh this is really good do you remember the controls because I have to relearn every single time I do this alt turns that on and off V I think to how do I how do I move yeah so it's like you can't move before you you start this whole thing but there's like a button that unlocks the camera yeah yeah exactly does anyone know what the cat the button to unlock h okay hides the hood control space I know you can yeah you can you can before I like I know once the game starts your the camera unlocks but there is a way to unlock it before and as well, all right so those who don't know what's happening type exclamation play you will join and then we're gonna race our marbles top five people get a key tab almost the camera oh but I pressed tab apparently not press the wrong tab look here's everyone well look at these look we've got some people here it's cool so much like space we'll let it like place odiums here there's a little bit like a circle around the cauldron we got some people with crazy marbles look at this guy howdy a lot of people are tuning in you can't see the total right, I can if I press this we're 500 people exclamation play if you want to play here anyway right now how many can potentially play that's too bad too many wait potentially yeah not everyone will fit but this Marble's a little stinky look at these pay to win you turn on Boost right pay to win yeah yeah yeah yeah I didn't actually did just low how in the middle of all the commands I just see like golf sucks and all the plays look at him how many we got now we're nearly at 600. how many do we recognize a lot of names yeah I recommend quite a few, Richard has quite a few oh I need to join what am I doing is Dragon sniper here recognize oh wait what oh [ __ ] Severus I want to win you know if you if you want to keep just [ __ ] I need to log in oh God damn it oh boy well there's, 400 spots open it's not so I can make it too much effort I have to log in and

[ __ ]

wait wait is this is this even perfect we have Marv here there's another name over here then there's Mystic pled that I saw how did you see here oh yeah yeah right there yeah Corey here I recognize Corey's name hund dog hundred all right I've got a lot of people when's the cutoff point whatever we say it is all right now start start now well we should six six six six is pretty good that's that's, spooky spooky number three two more one more bam here we go we're going in vamanos oh they can still join while they count that too yeah oh okay okay here we go for a chance to win a key song's a conquest let's go whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa and everyone's dead where's everyone going where is everyone that that's it where's everyone whoa here they are geez holy [ __ ] yeah boost wait was Casper whoa hello wait what is this one how'd you get over there they get dead they're dead they're dead they must have been late yeah they're dead they're dead they're dead rest in peace extra is still taking up the front here oh no Freddy fish they're gone they didn't catch the, get the memo that you were supposed to turn not go straight forward but this is exactly is there a holder or something oh they just everyone drops down a little bit scary oh we're going up whoa this map is insane are we going into that let's imagine everybody let's get your Scooby snacks ready here we go this is really dark level wait where's from scratch wait this this person really they're they're winning right yeah you trust the, I don't know the leaderboard all over the place sometimes yeah yeah whoa everyone's flying this level is insane look at this there's like no gravity in here yeah I guess so super spooky I think this is a different kind of spooky that, songs of Conquest that's going on because they were more like graveyard stuff but wonko is winning this is an interesting level I've never seen this type of like when you just wait floating around like this I think the ideas you're supposed to go down on the second like bottom floor here but you can get it around oh wait yeah that's true stairs yeah make sure to boost with all your might chat yeah the Boost command definitely helps maybe not in in the game but in spirits oh look it's like a ghost so cool oh boy oh is this the end oh here's the end nibios to Linda Sheridan won't go to San Carl Jack and Aurelio from scratch getting that sixth position so close I'm sorry look at that was that a little pumpkin head over there very cute very cute good job everybody, so the top five people mibio celinda wonko Colonel Jack railio, hit us up with a with a whisper hit us up with a yeah with a DM I'm gonna also try and do that make a mental note to my dad oh two strip of Simon's here wait what well Simon was there you're not allowed to be in there Simon get out of here you're stealing the keys he's hungry so bad I didn't go get the win oh coffee safe Studio stamps is coming in here we go good job hey who gets to be last oh who's gonna survive oh [ __ ] the the floor is lava is coming here oh boy oh boy who's who's the lion they made it come on oh I've made it good one very good job there it is all the Boost paid off all right if you see your name type what position you came in right don't everyone type one #or command placement oh that would be a prose personal oh is that is that a command could it be here well it's a pro streamer move though first we've got quite a few people coming first that's pretty cool interesting tied first what place did, coffee stand Studios get coffee stain we didn't do too hot we're like almost deadline you beat coffee State oh my God good job everyone congrats to all the winners top five and all the losers congrats to all the losers was that what you said yeah, all right I'm gonna switch back hit the old switch button yeah there it is yay all right congrats maybe oh celinda Sheridan wankot Hussein Colonel Jack 71 and rayleo I can see some DMS coming through now yeah hit us up with a DM to Coffee Studios depths and, probably after the stream we'll hook you up or maybe enduring depending on how bored Jace gets stood in I'll probably do it during because I wasn't gonna be super distracted so if you can, if you can distract them yes so Linda yes you did whisper the right person, again this was for a song called songs of Conquest they just released an updates two songs are Conquest, this is the steam page this is the update, this is what the game looks like maybe you can play the trailer if I'm 10 10 moves ahead, I gotta go to the store Page look at that look at that whoops I don't think that works I'm not that person but yeah super cool, wow they got the, got the original soundtrack on their store Page huh like like all cool game devs have all the soundtrack yeah imagine having your soundtrack for your game available to purchase that'd be a thing you imagine imagine that would be crazy yeah congrats, okay fun times what time is it we are also going to check out some Camino highlights, after this, sorry- I got ahead of myself, up today track win wait update a track as in like a soundtrack for update 8. make a custom song for updated probably not, we do have the soundtrack for update six available though, I almost said sleeper should light but that's not I of my mind right now, oh yeah Dennis, no no Dennis's no no no no no no no, thank you, the song for update six I know a lot of people asked for for that song, and the song was made for the trailer but ghostwood Emperor actually made a full-on song that's available right now those who do didn't know check it out Miss indeedy, Colonel Jack if you're here I sent you a message please respond and tell me how how Alive You Are


but, Liberty love it yeah it's a good song it also occurred to me like Mike as a stand rather I never checked the lyrics for that song, so like they could have had some like obscene lyrics and I wouldn't realize, we put on a trailer and everything I'm like oh [ __ ] probably should reject that anyways