April 6th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Wind Power, when?

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Wind Power, when?


This question may have been asked previously at least 2 other times, as recently as February 2021 and as early as August 2020.
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, what is the what is the reasoning why we don't want to add wind wind power or solar power or stuff like that, I think both of those have the problem where that you can effectively even if you make a system around it that kind of checks for, certain restrictions that you can just build them everywhere of course they would still effectively be limitless in in this game I think, and we don't really want that for power like you could just build a giant solar panel field and not have to worry about the power at all which kind of defeats the point of the power system where it's supposed to be a pain in your butt every now and then and you're supposed to want to fix it and make it all run smoothly and I feel that that those kind of power supplies would take away from it because they don't have enough limitations that we can effectively, contain the balancing off gotcha remember we we also brought up like water turbines yeah I think those will be more in the realm of what the the geysers now do yeah and right now the guys have the issue where some people actually brought this up where they feel kind of what kind of they're super weak for when you get them the amount of power that you get from them, so we might change it as well but for the yeah water turbines I would be more interested in them because you would have to place them potentially on fast flowing rivers or waterfalls which are a limited resource so to say in the world which is more interesting in my opinion because it kind of gets you around like you can't just pop them down anywhere you actually have to find a waterfall we get up a cliff to get to the waterfall place them there connecting to your factory I think it's a more interesting way to approach power with a bit of a challenge like that than just to give a building that just produces it out of thin air gotcha free power when do we get free power