February 11th, 2020 Livestream Snutt & Markus Talk: Adding Multiplayer to a game adds 10x the complexity

February 11th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt & Markus Talk: Adding Multiplayer to a game adds 10x the complexity


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it's so hard to tell because like when you're doing online stuff like you need so much more testing for everything like adding multiplayer to any game adds so much more like 10 times the complexity yeah like because you don't have time to test everything and you have to figure out like how and and the way we've done is just like throw it at everyone and see what like yeah and see what what bugs surface up yeah and i find it kind of funny because we've done multiplayer in all our games in unreal engine until we got to go to him later and we said go let's just get the out and we got it out in really new time and the first thing people ask like where's the multiplayer wait really i thought i thought for sure gosim had like multiplayer in like in the back of your head when you made that i think the thing that was in back of our head is how can we do get this everything out as fast as possible and how to get more stupid in there how do this stupid idea that i got how do we present this to everyone right so just like get everything out as soon as soon as possible so multiplayer in goat sim is like literally the just add multiplayer to the single player game or yeah we had local co-op yeah so you can play for classic screen yeah well that actually does save a bit because yeah then you need to like follow the game states and whatnot yeah which you must have when you do online yeah but yeah and i think we tried a multiplayer session once and aaron landon3 was like oh you tried to create this many actor replication states and like just crashed and burned and everything was just shocky because new physics all physics textures vibrated on the spot and they're like oh so you're vibrating let's send updates did you guys have to do like a special thing for like the physics in good sim to like be able to sync it properly no we didn't do anything more really no like do you mean like all like there's so many like physics objects running like and syncing that stuff can be really demanding especially due like ragdoll and like yeah but we did our referee in single players we didn't need to care about okay like yeah sure we had like a simple super simple manager that we added that saved i think like 20 or 30 milliseconds that just basically said that only take the closest uh like objects that in in your vicinity and they update in full frame rate and that was a bit further away just loading their update rate down and just let the simulation go but don't update the visual representation and i think i threw that together in like 10 minutes or something the initial implementation and that saved yeah 20 milliseconds yeah so just those super simple things that shop visual quality can save so much i think that double o yeah i think that got us from yeah 15 enough pass to a solid 50 or something that's a good good one you want to go 60. yeah but we go for that we actually need to work a bit