November 23rd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Will it be Update 6 next, or 1.0?

November 23rd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Will it be Update 6 next, or 1.0?

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will it be update 6 next or 1.0 who knows you have to wait and see but you have revealed a date when it comes out yeah but update six whether it's update 6 or 1.0 will be out and get your calendars ready folks because I'm just checking my own calendar it will be out on the 26th of april that's for sure nice, yep can't wait so add that way for the 26th of april gonna be great updates yep



yep definitely out on april 26th you guys you got a time mark on your yeah yeah no it's going to be at 5 45 april 19th 2022 nice april 19th mark it on your calendars very nice very nice they're giving us a hard date this far out that is unusual sure is unusual wait april 25th is your birthday all right april 25th then update six out on april 25th we just changed our minds yeah yeah [ __ ] it we'll just go for 20. [ __ ] it yeah we don't need that day yep 12 24 hour format yeah yes yep but no there's some folks here again we're streaming to, youtube so maybe not everyone knows but, every week we get this kind of question and we give a different date every time yeah sometime in april though but, if you go to we actually have no idea the real answer is we have literally no idea yeah and I'm just making up, dates so because the the the thing that kind of started this too is like I met like because I was on the wiki the satisfactory wiki and I saw like update six confirmed from this date not confirmed but like to set a date I was like how we don't even have one ourselves like how can they possibly know and there was a reference I'm like wait how what's this reference I clicked on it it was just jace on the stream going like yeah update six january 5 you bet coming out yeah january 5 so now I think it's a list of dates on the wiki, what happened to the