January 26th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Check the Future content page on the wiki?

January 26th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Check the Future content page on the wiki?




what's wrong with this i think this is fine check the future content page on the wiki all right i i always every time i type in wiki you think that it would like either or to complete the wikipedia now or satisfactory no runescape after five well that says more about you than it says about the wiki where's the future content uh if you have to search for that content i think i know what's up but but uh if there's something new


i don't know it looks uh the same as before is there something specific was it marv or jace referred to wait wait this is not i don't think this was just added but this is so clever i can't believe i said this so it says jace referred to the developer job for dedicated servers as in harry potter the dark arts class the teacher never lasts more than a year that's pretty good i remember that stream now yeah oh that's so good i can't find the thing was there something specific or was that it i'm i'm not looking at something i can't find anything just yet where's the beard snoot i i in the minute i explained this before but i'll repeat this i [ __ ] up i was gonna trim my mustache i talked about this yesterday i was gonna trim my mustache and then i completely [ __ ] up so i had to shave it all off in the am box ham box so this is at the very top wait what so the very top of the page uh i don't see it january 22nd the expected release date for update for us early march is it that one let's let's spend more time on this trying to figure out yeah okay let's move on