October 9th, 2020 Livestream Dylan & Snutt Talk: Visual Studio vs. Rider

October 9th, 2020 Livestream

Dylan & Snutt Talk: Visual Studio vs. Rider




yeah so dylan's using visual studio here and we actually have a little bit split right now because some people like i think it's half and half right now half of the programmers are using visual studio the other half are using writer yeah there's a new tool that's like in beta right now for specifically made for unreal engine development um because there are a few quirks with how visual studio works essentially it's just like visual studio is not great for big c plus projects um because it tries to load in so like it's pretty bloated image show um so like searching for files and finding reference and stuff like that is really slow and also like unreal engine has like their own way of handling like macros for c plus plus which is also like a rabbit hole itself and vicious studio is like very generic so it tries to handle like all the cases for any way you can do it which isn't super good um so there's a plugin that we're using which is called visual assist that tries to help out a little bit makes it it goes from basically unusable to i would say quite usable but yeah white assist is unreal without it is a nightmare and i think they know that they have unreal specific settings as well and then ryder is like specifically made just for unreal engine development so they've only included like the stuff that you really need for making gains in a real engine which makes the visual assist part also a lot faster so even then um but to be fair i think the debugger tool for a rider is is a bit worse um yeah usually when i've done stuff i use rider most of the time and then i run into like a bug and i'm like i need to debug this and then i boot up visual studio just because i want to use the debugger there instead hopefully that would get better i actually tried writer and just dropped it immediately when i found the debugger not working but i think it's in beta so i think they're making a lot of improvements yeah the debugger wasn't working for me also because you need to do a little bit of extra setup so yeah once i figured that out i was like oh then it then it's more usable but i just don't like the interface right now it's it's it's i just don't want to re-learn as you know can't teach you because it's kind of like xcode interface for the debugger which i didn't i don't care for the xcode personally so