January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Will consumables ever grow back?

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Will consumables ever grow back?


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um another one will consumables ever grow back um i don't mean no i mean i really hope so right like like some folks would be cool genuinely run out yeah there's this bug right now where it looks like they grow back um that's a bug right yeah debated there's this issue where uh especially on in multiplayer where clients will see like a bear bush and there's like berries on it and they run up and they they press like e to pick it up and then it looks like they pick it up but nothing's added to the inventory the the what's actually happened is that on server it's already picked up but it hasn't like replicated to client and updated so you don't you don't have the actual state of the bush so when you pick it up you the server notif like realizes that oh [ __ ] the client doesn't have the latest version quick hide it quick hide it and then it updates it and then you get realized oh it's just empty and you can't add anything to inventory because like there's nothing on that bush um so it's annoying and uh unfortunately that's a really big [ __ ] thing to fix it's like been on our list for literally a year to fix like because it's it's part of a big refactor that we need to do with the whole foliage system because right now the the two biggest things when it comes to networking are all the conveyor belts which we did like a big revamp off which really significantly reduced network traffic the next one is the freaking foliage system that like updates the state of all the foliage in the world uh we've had to do like a lot of custom code in unreal engine to be able to pick up foliage uh around the map because like foliage in the world is like it's batched in unreal engine so that like oh if you place like 5 000 bushes of this type it's all bashed into one draw call to some extent it's like it's more complex than that it's like uh it's batched in clusters and stuff like that very important blah blah blah but like it they have this system to set up like it's set up so that it's fast rendering but we're like but what if we want to remove one bush like that does not fly with that's just like well wait so we had to like make a very special system for that and unfortunately when we're syncing that like state to client um we send a lot of like redundant data and like data that like there's no good way to like be like is is this the same bush on service client because it's like it it's kind of random which index that bush will have yeah so we have a system that we're like going to set up that indexes indus stuff much better so that we don't need to do that and that will solve those issues unfortunately that's like one of the biggest refactorings it's so that's like that's the thing with like game dev where it's like just make a thing grow back and we're like well you know what wait we'll just we'll just put trains in the game that's easier yeah it's probably not easier but like you'd be surprised at how difficult the smallest things are some small things are freaking impossible to make and like some big things are easy so yeah really it's so annoying it's pretty and it's not like if you're a game dev you'd get it's like no game devs have no idea either yeah it's like should be fine and then you know two months later the amount of times like other game developers think they know how some systems we don't work like like we make assumptions all the time we see other games it's like oh what's it like or maybe because it's so hard to know yeah like you know even as a game developer it's really hard to know