May 4th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: How Early Access impacts Development vs. Bug Fixing

May 4th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: How Early Access impacts Development vs. Bug Fixing



yeah so another thing i also want to bring up is a question i've been getting a lot recently um and i i'm gonna like probably bring this up again during later in the stream where we have our q a um but one a lot of questions are like when are you gonna fix this thing we're gonna fix this thing and they're all like different things and people want very different solutions to things and blah blah blah um and i just kind of want to address those collectively saying that um it's really hard for us to know when we're gonna fix certain aspects of the game uh whether there are small bugs or there are major issues that you have of the game um the the fact of the matter is that we're in early access with the game and you know there's there's pros and cons of being in early access one of the cons being that we can't as for us developers we can't like stick around for too long and work on fixes for everything in every single update that we make because it slows down development on on the game as a whole significantly so you know at some points we have to move on and you know not focus too much on fixing issues we obviously don't want any major issues to be in the game and we try to fix those as much as we can sometimes we do run into dead ends so sometimes we might have a major issue where some people can't play the game and we try to figure out to the best of our knowledge like and reach out to people like how what the exact issue is but sometimes they're just like issues that it's impossible for us to troubleshoot it without like actually having your computer and your network settings and all that um so but we try to do as much as we can um and same goes with like a bunch of small issues like it might be simple to see like oh this bug with like rendering on um on nuts not regrowing and stuff like that that might seem like a trivial fix and it probably is it's just that if we keep focusing on those things all the time then it slows down development significantly so at some point we just have to move on um and that's kind of what we're doing uh we're kind of in in that phase right now where there are a few major things that we want to fix with in relationship day four but we also have to move on and work on update five because otherwise we're not gonna meet you know our internal deadlines on that so yeah prioritization is is very tricky uh for a game to be in early access so please bear with us you know the game is in early access and and we we try to be as open about this as we can because it is very frustrating as a player to like you know if it might feel sometimes that you're not heard when it comes to these things but know that you are heard we just can't work on everything at the same time it's really difficult so so yeah that's the only thing i wanted to address right now i think i said this i talked about this last week as well and i probably will echo this um because it do it be like it do