October 13th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Fluid Update seems a bit bigger than I thought?

October 13th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Fluid Update seems a bit bigger than I thought?




um food update seems a bit bigger than i thought yeah it is a big update like it's you know we we've done updates often like sometimes every two weeks and stuff but they're just like minor updates where there's a fix or a tiny thing added but uh these bigger updates the reason they get clumped into one big one isn't because we're like we're gonna have a big event and have this really big update for whatever it's because we have no choice because when we start making a change to the game and in the engine uh the versions of the game start deviating so much that you can't or it's unreasonable to keep merging things back into the old one and cutting out the new features that we're working on to try and make the two compatible when we're going to ditch the old version anyway and go with the new version so uh these kind of so like the reason it's coming out then is because that's when we should be done with what's in it so uh you you'll notice that we had like pretty much no updates not many at all in the past like month or two and it's because of this problem where we want to make some big changes to the game and we have no choice but to package them together so that we can actually make it it's not that feasible otherwise yeah um yeah not really a choice it's yeah because it really is like a more of a long-term goal rather than like trying to spit out updates all the time because if we spit out updates like all the time then there's so much work that goes into just like both quality assuring it and like making making it happen uh production wise that it just like it drains the production of the game long term so we'd rather focus on the long term goals which is 1.0 yeah