November 5th, 2021 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 18)

November 5th, 2021 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Satisfactory Update 5 Patch Notes vid commentary (Part 18)

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yeah this this shot by the way um this is one of those shots where we filmed this and we were like all right great we got it and then as we were walking away dylan was like by the way uh dylan filmed most of this we forgot to mention oh yeah dylan yeah dylan is one of the programmers he's the one he's been on the stream he was he's the pipe guy he's the pipes guy yeah so he lived in gothenburg where we shot this uh jace came together to shoot this and then um yeah we filmed this once we got it and we're like alright great and then we walked off and then dylan turned around like ah i didn't get audio yeah uh yeah and it was it was tough because this was a scene where like there was a quite a bit of pressure to to to get it done right yeah it was hard right because smith had to get a good shot for starters and and smith's pretty good at golf so that's semi-reliable but you can it up right and if you miss it then we're losing more time yeah and then like i had to then follow up correctly as well otherwise snoop would have to redo the shot and hopefully make a good shot and and bearing in mind the golf course was not overly busy on this day but there was people coming through and and uh you know the etiquette there is that if if there's anyone on the course you don't play like on that on that hole you don't play and so we would we would have to keep looking back and there'd be someone at the tee and we'd have to like get out of the way to let them go through and we're losing a ton of time while they're doing that yeah so it's like it's really important that when we got these windows to shoot that that we really really tried to nail it and it it's made even made even harder by the fact that we we would be making changes to the script the night before and the day and on the day itself uh yeah so yeah it was there's like no time to like rehearse stuff really not really yeah and if we if we even if we did like it wouldn't matter in some cases i think uh so yeah we we do a pretty good job at remembering like a few lines very quickly and then delivering them and then and then immediately deleting them from our memory so that's actually a good point because like when we were making this video i was trying to like not do too many wonders which is like where you're trying to like get a lot of beats in like one shot um because that's really difficult because like if one as soon as one part fails everything fails right especially when there's two people yeah you know yeah even even just two people can sound like oh that's not that hard like but no it definitely is like there's you have to retake a lot of time so like yeah me doing a shot in the background like jace turning around delivering his lines getting like a good feel or like having it you know flow properly is really difficult and you can see the people that were coming up behind us which made us like we gotta get to get this shot because you can see them walk up to the t behind us before i take my shot how about i tell you about all the new cosmetic build pieces coming to the game