August 25th, 2020 Livestream Snutt Talk: Satisfactory 1.0, and beyond

August 25th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Satisfactory 1.0, and beyond



i doubt star citizen election release well okay then satisfactory definitely coming out because we really okay i'll say this we really have an ambition to release satisfactory you know not in like five years or six years or something like that you know uh i know that like satisfy our factorio recently released 1.0 and they've worked on factorio for eight years or something like that um that's not something that we want to do like we're kind of we really look sure like we're really in a luxury position where we kind of can make that decision um because uh of you guys and how awesome like the game has been so far uh and the response so that makes it that like we can really you know work on this and then when we feel like we work on we want to work on something new that we can right um so we don't want to like work on it forever that doesn't mean that we're not gonna like that satisfaction will die off that will mean that coffee sting studios will probably like i am by the way this is just like me talking on my ass there are no plans for this whatsoever right now okay but like it might be in the future like maybe we'll hand off the game to to some other developer or like maybe you know uh to keep working on satisfactory while we do something else but that will happen after 1.0 for sure yeah like dlcs and stuff like that that would maybe not be us making them but you know satisfactory would still probably if if a lot of people are still playing satisfactory there would still be content coming i would yes uh but still cover saying studio is making it uh and we're gonna make it until at least 1.0 it will just be hannah left to do everything herself yeah poor hannah actually i think we've hired one more person now so it's hannah and ross ross is also working on level design and stuff like that i believe we've hired one more person now to do a level design i but i'm not sure there it's kind of annoying because we we're still working from home everyone so like there are a lot of new faces at the office but they're not at the office right so it's kind of awkward i guess it's like it must be awkward i don't know if anyone here has got a ninja job since since kobet and all that jazz like it must be weird coming into a new job right now where like you don't see people physically stuff i don't know this is a weird tangent i always thought it was a crazy amount of work for one person so it's never been like just hannah it's been hannah and like a few more but um it's been a situation where like hannah has worked on it alone for a while now because people you know people did new stuff people left coffee scene um and we kind of like we've some people have moved on and some people have come in and now finally we've been able to like fill up our arts department and like our level design department a bit more