December 8th, 2020 Livestream Snutt Talk: Lights on Buildings

December 8th, 2020 Livestream

Snutt Talk: Lights on Buildings



i want to comment on one thing though that i've seen some people comment on is the fact that there are lights on these buildings um and it's this is true because these lights on these buildings are uh not emissive lights so on the we've struck a balance on the current build there are certain buildings that have actual lights on them i think the workbench is one of them that has like one light on it um so in this early version a lot of stuff did have actual lights on them like all the buildings had lights the the power pole geez power pole did have lights on them and it's just something that i guess we realized that as you're building like the frame rate just suffers because of that because of the extra calculations that are needed to to have that many like dynamic lighting in the game so we scrapped it like we removed it because we noticed that the game suffered for it um and if we were to reintroduce it we'd have to figure out a better system for it um than the way this was implemented because when people say like you haven't even tried lights we have tried lights like the yeah it's it's not as if it's not as if lights are a hard thing to prototype lights are built into every video uh game engine you just drag and drop them you get a light it's easy they're easy to make but but it's it's one thing to to have the ability to put lights down it's another thing to sustain it as a gameplay feature yeah um and that's where things get hard especially in a game like this and some lights on the current buildings like i think on on like smelters and miners and stuff like that the lights that you see in the game right now are kind of like fake lights they're baked into the materials so that they will do this kind of effect um and then there's like screen space something where like when you're looking around it will affect the things around it but it's not actually so there's like a bunch of tricks we've used to kind of like fake that effect and sometimes like on the workbench i believe i actually have like actually have one light on it but you don't build like 50 000 workbenches you build a few um so they they don't suffer that much but for power poles for instance you build a lot of power poles so having one light on each power pole like had a huge um effect on on rendering because of that because of the way people build power poles and the way they're used in the game