November 10th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Are you practice being vague?

November 10th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Are you practice being vague?


with um ash poker asks are you practice being vague um i mean it kind of depends on what you mean by practice so sometimes uh and also depends on what you mean by vague because sometimes when you need to give an answer sometimes it's hard to know what you're supposed to be answering and and sometimes you also know a bunch of information before as well and you don't really know what you're allowed to put out or what you're not and so sometimes you have to kind of just give an answer that kind of just drags on a little longer trying to work through in your head um how to answer it and you don't really know and you know you want to answer the question but you don't know a short and concise answer so you keep going on and sometimes you just get stuck in a loop you say the same thing over and over um and it just it's really hard because you know you just want to help people out but you end up just being vague yeah i think i answered your question i think a general problem doing this is that you know game development trying to explain you know all the ins and outs of it is is kind of difficult sometimes because sometimes we might have like a really simple like there might be a simple you know solution if you're into game development and understand like what the ins and outs of both like maybe technically or you know like what the process of working making games you know or our specific process like sometimes for us it's a very easy like answer but explaining it is like the difficult part as well um and sometimes you know we try to explain like like for instance when we're talking about new features which we tend to be very vague about because a we haven't decided fully yet ourselves you know b it like might be that we want to you know be a little vague as well so yeah it's i i don't know if you picked up on my that my joke my answer was a joke [ __ ]


you were smirking i was like vague yeah answer yeah that was the joke there yeah they followed up and said i don't know i don't know is a perfectly good answer i don't know is a completely different answer to giving uh incomplete information right they're not like like i don't know means i know nothing okay but i do know stuff and i know a lot some of it conflicts though and some of it can't resolve into an answer so that's the difference so i i could just sit here and say yes no i don't know or i can try and give you as much as possible yeah it's that explains why you were smirking so much when i was giving that answer yeah i was at first i was like i really hope he's he's carrying this joke on oh because then i was gonna do it again but it was like oh you were serious so [ __ ] damn it i was i was half listening when you started that answer yeah yeah i figured i figured it because i thought you were gonna respond as well i was waiting for your reaction and you didn't so i knew your opportunity i knew it was a good one oh damn it