October 13th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Is that not actual gameplay footage?

October 13th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Is that not actual gameplay footage?




see you and uh someone's like says uh asterisk not actual gameplay footage i'm not sure if you're actually referring to the the trailer or not but we have i have had people say this about a lot about trailers before saying that it's not like that they're just like cg trailers but they're actually not like we just put we just we just put one there and then built the conveyor belts and then just took beauty shots of it with like a smooth camera yeah that's all captured in in and or in game and actually that's pretty much every single one of our trailers even um the update three one uh after the whole like smash part right um you know with the big factories you know like the beginning part where she's in the dark area and she jumps into the light and the pipes come out oh yeah yeah yeah no that's the next thing yeah yeah so that's an exception but everything else is actually just kind of done in the in the game and then we move cameras around so but but even even that stuff like sure that's all set up and like made specifically for the trailer and stuff but that's still in-game assets and in-game like it's captured in on real engine yeah so it's not and i'm pretty sure it's still just to save where people are running around and building to make it look good yeah yeah um so it's just set up with like this in in-game cinematic camera that that unreal engine pass and stuff like that so which gives you a few more like options like depth of field is something that isn't like in like it's something that's in the game but we're not using it uh but for our trailers we we add like a bit of depth of field to certain things and we like fade that in and out and stuff like that so there's a little bit of more like control we have when we make trails but everything is always in engine