November 17th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Can you DMCA me just for funsies?

November 17th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Can you DMCA me just for funsies?

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oh god can you dmca me just for funsies uh no because the act of actually doing a dmca is the legal part like when you're actually pursuing legal uh settlements like the thing that happens on like youtube and twitch and stuff like that that's like the preemptive thing that twitch handles and youtube handles uh like the strikes and cooperation otherwise that's not actually a legal action taken yet it's actually done to protect you yeah and it yeah um and that yeah those those systems are in place and i guess twitch have been like i don't know exactly what the deal is with with twitch and that because i i guess the problem is that they don't have enough systems in place that's why all the [ __ ] is happening right now but the idea is that they're supposed to have a system in place to protect you from those type of legal issues yeah it's kind of like it's kind of still kind of shitty but it's like the alternative is like you go to jail right yeah so it helps you not go to jail um which is always good just not having to deal with because when i worked photographer like i did a lot of that where i like people used my images in ways they were not supposed to um and it is it is a lot of work to pursue that and getting like a copyright infringement settlement is uh is a pain because the law is like different from country to country yeah so just getting getting that on you is a [ __ ] pain in the ass even though you have like all the rights and whatever or like you're you're yeah whatever it's a it's a hassle so that's why they're those type of systems are there yep