October 13th, 2020 Livestream Jace & Snutt Talk: State of Dev

October 13th, 2020 Livestream

Jace & Snutt Talk: State of Dev




it away take it away hell yeah we're not doing anything right now we we decided not to release the update uh we decided that uh why why should we we should probably just wait put it all together in update four yeah um no we're still working towards uh releasing the fluid update we still don't have like a name for it because people refer to this very differently some say like the november update some say fluid updates some say 3.5 which is technically not correct because it's going to be 3.6 um eh i don't know it's gonna be enough like the mine were updated november 3.5 is the way because i don't know why uh like people in turning are like yes but the engine or the version number of the game yeah whatever but it's like it's between update three and update four yeah 3.5 so so yeah the in the in between update i don't know whatever but i think fluid update makes sense because it is an update to fluids in the game so we're working on that we're working on today we merged submerged some of the features that are going to make it in some pretty pretty big features if you ask me because it was the actual fluid update mergers that came into that the build branch today so things are things are looking promising and i've tried out some of the stuff in the new build and it's pretty fun um i guess i guess it's really selling the game right now yeah i know i don't know i haven't played that much i've only played like the portion of like when we're making these teaser videos so yeah everything's running like there are no no foreseeable delays as of yet um but don't quote me on that so so yeah i guess i guess that's i mean really stated that it's just we're doing like it's kind of a boring update but we really just keep going at it um