October 9th, 2020 Livestream Dylan Talk: Instanced Splines (Part 15)

October 9th, 2020 Livestream

Dylan Talk: Instanced Splines (Part 15)


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all right let's see what this does now because those those things i added were definitely not being calculated so let's see come on vertices oh oh i've never been so happy to see a stupid spline in my entire life hello mr conveyor belt look at that oh you even got it right oh nice i am like 10 seconds behind with the rest of the stream so hey yeah you did it goku holy crap when i set out to actually get this to render on stream i did not actually think i was going to pull it off nice that's awesome oh because it's kind of similar same energy as uh stick stream where he was the same thing he was like working on just getting the engine to compile oh i forgot he did that and then like last second of the stream he said like it could pose you could pass the joy on my face i wish my camera was working so so now people are like wait what did you change yeah yeah anyone tuning in now it's just like okay yeah so what are you actually working on you don't know what i went through okay it says yeah so dylan dylan's been working on we're doing an engine operator right now um to we're going for the latest version of unreal engine and every time we upgrade the engine basically it breaks a lot of stuff that already worked yeah and it's specifically a break stuff that we've done alterations to the engine so one in like one instance of that is our instance mesh which is used for pipes and conveyor belts ignore that weird shadow thing let's see that's going to go in the list so that's yeah um and it's doing that janky it was all gray there because it's still compiling shaders if anyone's curious it's not actually broken um it will stop happening here momentarily once the display worker is done yeah there's still one billion shaders left and uh the shader compile lists which i don't think you can see on stream but uh that one does not tell you the truth because it's based on nested shaders as well so like once it's like i'm compiling one thousand shaders and then once it's down to zero it's like oh wait there's a dependency here and then there's one thousand more shaders yeah we're essentially working to get back to the state of yeah so if anyone tuning in now wants to know what's the conveyor belts used to look like it was that and they were actually there so if you tuned in now you missed some really really really riveting stuff of me i'm like now i don't even care if it wasn't an entertaining stream i'm just so happy this works no i'm sorry i hope it was entertaining for people so yeah it was okay it wasn't the best you know working on whatever i'm working on yeah you still won't tell us that trailer you're working on hell yeah