May 24th, 2019

May 24th, 2019 Developer Highlight - Animation

Kristoffer Talk: Personality of animations



some sort of personality or something to
the animation so you can like show what
kind of character it is but with
machines it's like yeah it's a machine
so it doesn't really have a personality
per se but you can you can try and do
like small things
the nuclear reactor example the old one
and the portable miner it's more about
character than a machine it's like a
little rope or kinda it's kind of like
it does its thing when he has like
squinty eyes when he's pushing down on
the ground like so it's also they're
like the design of the machine or like
the football miner he looks like a
character and it looks like it has
personally the space elevator really
like noticed players pushing the bottom
and then nothing happens so okay we have
to add something I didn't really know
what to do with it so you have to like
make something up that's not like you
should we don't know what it does it's
like short your sock and then like
shoots it away and it's like yeah sure
maybe like it's something had to be
there and yeah how to do it in pretty
short amount of time so just did
something the creatures like some of the
creatures might not like like have
similarities to like rebirth creatures
then it's kind of a hard together like a
feel of what kind of movement to Fisk
out there should they have when it's
like super weird and like the legs are