May 24th, 2019

May 24th, 2019 Developer Highlight - Animation

Kristoffer Talk: Collaborating with other Coffee Stainers



with all of the disciplines everything
from like concept you want to be there
from Vienna so you can like ask about
like you know is this your house this
thing and then it's like design
obviously because they what they decide
it's kind of like drive the animation or
it like you have mr. restrain certain
restrictions depending what they want
for like authoring and implementing
missions in the game we talk to
programmers and and I said everyone and
then I just got sound you're like can I
cut that in yesterday and sound of
course no sure so I think I've done most
of the particle effects electrician
effects in the game not all of them I
think you're Hannah's from a couple of
the responsibilities as you know me when
a new ones gonna come in I'm from