March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary Snutt & Jace Talk: Jace's PS5

March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary

Snutt & Jace Talk: Jace's PS5



yeah obviously next up my ps5 so here's the thing so the day before this so like because losing gothenburg you know it's a long way away from hovda and so so snook came down the day before and we spent the whole day planning like everything that was going to happen and i happened to have gotten my ps5 that day i picked it up on my way to the office right and so we were like you know i could just use no i no no i i i picked it up on the way home i got it arrived while i was at the office and then i brought the next day but but yeah we were like we should get a vhs tape and we can use that with the ps5 tomorrow when we come in so i think it was even i think you got like a text while we were doing the rehearsal that you got your ps5 and like [ __ ] yeah yeah and then after that we were we cuz this whole scene with like the listening us listening to the tape that's also like completely we we made that up on the spot because originally we were supposed to like be in this whole segment was supposed to like summarize all the things that you've learned about update for up until now like all the youtube videos that you've already seen so like we're on the like okay for those who didn't watch our youtube channels like this is what it was they were supposed to be like on different places in the in the main hall and we felt like it's going to be weird like cutting back and forth between this uh and also since we don't like really know what the vo is going to be at that segment so we were like let's just say that we finally find the tape and then we watch like a recording of it or something yeah and that's we're like we could play it in our playstation like in my playstation our playstation in my it's mine now jace it's part of the video yeah uh and uh i i put this on twitter today i actually scratched the playstation doing this yeah within one hour of it look you can actually see it you can actually you can see one of the scratches right there i don't know if you guys can see it on stream yeah so it's jumped a bit so i think i used the last clips in the first part of this and that's when the the the scratches appear and then they'll disappear


the throat is amazing we were laughing so much you shot that little segment yeah up until you were like oh no i saw the scratches i felt so bad