January 22nd, 2020 Livestream Jace Talk: The QA Site

January 22nd, 2020 Livestream

Jace Talk: The QA Site




your ideas on that stuff he said qa site so let's talk about that if you don't know what the qa site is it's our question and answers site where uh it is the best place to uh uh post bugs uh suggestions if you want to ask for help um so yeah however it's a little dog that's the problem right now um it was kind of like a solution that i had to come up with very very quickly in the beginning just so that there was some place for people to talk post questions upvote downward blah blah blah blah blah blah however the the the tool that i use is like some open source thing and it really is an ideal for what we're what what the qa site should be so right now we've hired like a web developer and our qa tester guy and the web developer and somewhat myself have been working um pretty hard on revamping the qa site like recreating the back end everything completely it's a completely new piece of software basically um so uh to be to be much better for both uh you guys when you post bugs or whatever uh and for us developers assigning ourselves tasks or or like if we're like saying yeah i'm taking control of this so people can see that we we see what they're saying uh better search tools and things like that so that's gonna come we're trying to get it in before update three but uh yeah we'll see so so if you've ever went to the qa site to post bug reports or anything like that uh and it seemed kind of shitty and you weren't really getting the help hopefully with the new one things will get better and the reason it's the best place to to put things is because it persists there and we do see it we do look at use that site and it and it stays there whereas if you do dm me a suggestion for example i get so many dms every single day i'm going to lose your suggestion i'm gonna forget who you are i can't take your suggestion and then go to like our game director and be like here's a suggestion because every time i do it it's all i'm gonna be doing you know and so so the best thing to do is go to the site make your suggestions post your bug reports and help each other out and we will see it yeah