April 6th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: April Fools 2021

April 6th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: April Fools 2021




wait let me bring this up actually i want to bring this up one second one second i i didn't prepare this but now that i think about it i do want to bring this up so one second here what's that satisfactory what is it what's their twitter name let me see all right all right let's see here i'm just gonna i'm just gonna go on twitter for a second give me a second yes so um last week wait let me just go for it yeah it was indeed last week last week um there was a it was a very special day last week can you all guess which day i'm referring to it was it was a pretty big pretty big day um wait how do i switch to that scene here we go didn't work fantastic um easter no easter what the hell is an easter how do i calm down everybody all right here we go last week was uh april fools and i tweeted this um which definitely wasn't april fool's joke i felt like let's do this thing this year let's let's not full screen um yeah no uh this this is this is true i know that people are like stop please no but this is actually true uh we are still totally on track for update 4 on the early access branch which is coming on april 13 which is next week tuesday so exactly a week from now and i am looking forward to it i hope you are all looking forward to it people that don't play on on experimental right now i don't believe you well i'm not gonna lie we we've kind of like that's that ship has sailed a long time for coffee stain we have like no credibility whatsoever anymore but i promise you the update will will be at next week on tuesday hopefully maybe we'll see