March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary Snutt & Jace Talk: Supah Computah

March 17th, 2021 Satisfactory Update 4 Patch Notes vid commentary

Snutt & Jace Talk: Supah Computah



but uh yeah so by the way [ __ ] hate this shot by the way yeah i know this is a placeholder shot originally but i just didn't have time to remake it i just i just realized that just before that i unfortunately paused on this and you were probably dying inside yeah yeah yeah um so the up so the reason i brought this up was uh you guys might have seen that i tweeted at uh to send me clips of kibbits saying super computer right thank you so much for the resub uh weirdly name dude and uh and um and it was because i wanted to include it here and super computers right so um i ended up redoing that but it was already after snoot had already processed this audio and it was just too much work to put in so yeah we wanted to get that nod to kibbits in here but unfortunately it didn't make the cut because unfortunately the way i made the the like effects and whatnot with the the whole transatlantic accent i did it in like a weird way because i was just trying it out and i made it in like a destructive way as it's called where you can't like retrace backwards how this the effects were processed um i had to like i would have to redo my work so to speak so it was like a if i have time i'll totally add it uh but i didn't have time unfortunately yeah because you guys have seen the video at the end there's like a nod to josh from let's game it out we wanted to do one for kibbits too but uh yeah unfortunately my bad i didn't get it in in time i should have but we didn't realize that when we recorded the first time i think yeah like we realized afterwards oh it would have been fun if you said it like if it's or i think you realize it would be yeah yeah yeah i wonder if i have that audio file actually and i could just play it play that little bit no you do yeah i have it yeah let's see if i've got it here actually that could be interesting to play is this the right one it's called supercomputers.wave i mean if it's not this i don't know what it is right guys and this is just your credit card or something your social media yeah you're just like adding your docs to yourself oh god here we go here we go here we go all right i don't know what we're about to hear guys all right we've also moved turbo motors and super computers to tier viii and we've slightly changed recipes for parts such as the radio control unit l-clad sheets batteries and iodine-infused filters and super computers it's better yeah it's annoying this is the thing with making videos like you can you can always improve on them you have to release it at some point and there's like there's always stuff you can change uh i've never felt like i've finished a video when i release it um yeah you always see the little bits that you could have done more on for sure yeah it's that rule like you just got to get it to like 80 and then you just like put it out there and the the cool thing about doing that is by creating and releasing things you get better at what you do and your 80 becomes better and better over time uh if you're striving for 100 you're wasting time yeah philosophy with chase in my opinion follows you guys uh everyone