May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Snutt & Ben Talk: New Holograms



hence we are going now to the holograms
so the main reason why we changed
that was because it was just causing a
lot of memory issues
um it became more apparent with update
for some reason some things changed in
the renderer that made it even worse
also the conveyor belt items were an
offender in that but if we get
later to that so instead of
swapping the instance mesh as they are
now now they are instance of the
all the constructors are one instance
now what we used to do we used to
uninstance the mesh
and then make it a hologram which means
object of us instance is modified too
for constructors that might not be the
worst but for walls or foundations
imagine you have twenty thousand
foundations it means
all those twenty thousand foundations
are modified because you wanna hover on
one foundation
um so some people on really big saves
had lag spikes modifying their
right which is not fun so that was one
of the main reasons
the loading part is for every object
that had to be instanced
it had to create its render state so
telling the render threat and the gpu
that they should
exist ironically the frame after it
they were removed from the gpu
so it adds tons and tons of data
and i've removed it the frame after it
so the loading time got increased with
like 30 to 40 percent
so it just did a ton of like unnecessary
work at the first frame of the game and
then just threw that kind of away
yeah and that was also a reason for the
dx12 in
instability um right so that
should be improved with that too i hope