May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Ben Talk: Other optimisations to Constructors



show off
an op another optimization we did um
maybe people didn't notice yet but
they don't have likes anymore yeah so
what we do with the legs now is we only
give them legs when it's relevant
so if they're on the slope we give them
some buildings still have legs like the
the space elevator obviously because
they are unique to them they look really
good on them too without it it looks a
bit weird
uh the hubs still have them and uh
what's called again the nuclear reactor
i think you still have them
so we we have cases where they're still
enabled but in general they are disabled
and also the constructor has four legs
but it means it has the leg
and the feet so that would be eight
components for
just one constructor right again so
those are very