May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Snutt & Ben Talk: Other places Fog Planes are used



we are also using this for
the fog planes um the fog planes are
like the
let's make it uh daylight
the fog planes are like the the shadow
planes that are in front of the inputs
and outputs
so we can make it look like the items
are going properly
into the actor instead of just clipping
into them
but the problem was like the constructor
was an example of
really object expensive because it had
four fog planes even though it was just
yeah yeah it was like four four objects
constructor you need to build a lot of
construct just to be able to play the
game i guess
so we if you have tango structures you
have 40 objects that are just
those planes that is so ridiculous
so that's why these are also in the pool
and it saves a lot of objects for a lot
of people so people should be able to
way way more since update 4. cool i
believe you also mentioned this in the
last video actually you made with chase
where this is something that we're going
to do in the future
here we are in the future the future is