May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Snutt & Ben Talk: Light Pooling



for the lights we use a
an implementation that's quite
common in games called pooling so
basically what it does it
has a lot of information points of like
okay here could be a light there could
be a light there could be light
and we have an additional background
threat for that
uh hence uh people might have seen some
crashes there
but the background threat basically
looks where the player is and then
gets all those points okay these are
relevant so we have a beautiful
debug view for that where we can see
all those points so these lights have
one on the top
and one on the bottom and here you can
maybe see this one is
of class of a light so there's a
spotlight being pulled right here
from this buildable and that way
if i change the amount of lights are
it counts we might put these in the
description too because people can use
these commands in the game too
so if you put one light then it will try
to find the most relevant light
for the player gotcha and this explains
where some people have noticed that like
if they have a ton of lights and they're
running around the factory sometimes
they can see like turn
off in the distance and that's because
of the cooling system that's like
the game that like there's too many
lights going on right now okay not
everyone can be