May 28th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Are we going to be able to turn Lights upside down?

May 28th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Are we going to be able to turn Lights upside down?

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static so one question that i've been getting uh is regarding if we are going to implement so you can turn like lights upside down and stuff like that um because i believe there's a reason why that isn't working right now or something like that the reason is because i forgot to implement something that's the fairy that's the fair reason um so basically how our lights work they trace down so they get the right length um because the way how i want how i envisioned lights to work is they would be content context aware so they wouldn't just try to go all the way through the world because that would cause a lot of draw calls right because of the shadows so the lights do a line trace with a maximum distance um they should take the maximum distance if they fail to find anything um there are some cases where they don't and that's something i still have to patch up right so that's something that same might come in the future then yeah okay and same with the glass um currently they block less because it's a foundation piece but it should of course ignore glass but that's totally a future for now is that tricky because the you you'd need to like separate out the glass portion of the foundation portion and what not on those pieces or oh i i would just oh if it's a glass just trace through it right okay who cares let's trace through it nobody will know awesome is there anything else that you're planning to do with lights in the