May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Q&A: What's coming in the future for optimisations to Satisfactory?



when it comes to optimization for
what what's planned on your your backlog
if there's anything you can talk about
that we haven't revealed yet
yeah one of the things i really want to
do still is
split the world in smaller parts because
a lot of people are like oh my god when
cross this line my game lags it's like
yep that's because you're loading in
100 megabytes of data and that needs to
go to the gpu and
and the foliage needs to rebuild so
basically what
i want to do is to split up the worlds
in smaller sections
and this way the stutter should be less
even not apparent so that would be the
ideal case
but we kind of have the workflow issue
the world is in a different branch
otherwise we have problems with
releasing updates because that means
hana and mihil need to work their ass
off so we can
release factory content so that's why
that stuff is
being slow on our side i guess right
workflow reasons and branching and
all the shenanigans cool the other thing
i really want to make hardly instant
but yeah that's that's something uh
we've been talking about since since we
made splines i think
uh well just to break the ice i got it
but i don't yeah
so they work but they're not worth it at
the moment so
because there was a time when not even
like the splines themselves for instance
and then
instanced and uh yeah the performance
wasn't great at that point