May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Q&A: How does picking items off the belt work?



period where you hadn't implemented
being able to pick up
items on the belts is there anything
interesting to share about that
because it's you're not actually like
since these aren't actually like
physical objects in the world uh
like how does that work when you're
wanting to pick up this particular
um we have handle states for that state
i guess they're called um basically the
old implementation was relying on the
instance component that was under
relying in a way just to check if it
existed or not
but that's it it didn't even use it so
the only fix for that was just saying
like okay you can always do it okay
but otherwise how it works it all the
are on splines let's see you see the
white thin line
oh i wish i had more vertices more words
so basically that line represents
the belt so this is zero
and that is one and we can calculate
where the player is looking which item
to highlight
right this is getting too much
so we just make an approximation from
looking at
the belt because if you hover on the
item you're not
getting the item either so it's it's
really based on the belt itself yeah
um instead and i guess
we cannot make thousands of hitboxes for
that all the time
yeah just not doable and i guess that's
the limitation of doing it this way
it's just that it's not like i said it's
not an actual object in the world
it's part of the belt so to speak yeah
it's abstract data being represented