May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Snutt & Ben Talk: Impact of the Engine Upgrade on Conveyor Belt performance



should we move on to the next thing
we're going to the big bus
the big bus this one doesn't mess around
the big bus so this is my
beautiful test case for oh and realistic
conveyor belt case i recognize let's
talk about conveyor belts
um with the engine upgrade we faced the
issue that we got with the loading the
conveyor belts got way more expensive to
i kind of figured out why but we cannot
change it because it's like in the core
of the rendering system of
unreal which is such a black box to me
that it's like
can't touch this so we decided to find
our way around it
um let's disable the average heifer to
begin with
and go to the old system of whereabouts
so this is the old conveyor belt system
that's still
accessible to everybody you can see the
colors just to turn like are yellow
even on my shitty screen share what i
don't even get like a
proper frame rate i i'm like noticing
the difference here
yep um also a lot of items look like
they're moving backwards
uh thanks to the framerate but we
figured out that
updating instances became more expensive
sadly enough
i assume it has to do with gpu
bandwidth and threading and all that
stuff that got improved so they had to
cut corners elsewhere i assume
i still didn't fully figure out but
we'll see so our solution to that
is what if we don't update the instances
so that was the solution in the end so
what we do instead
we render the positions of the items
on a texture and in the material
we read where those items are
so if i can find that subsystem
here we can see how it looks like if it
doesn't crash
please okay so here we see all the items
in the scene right now
on the texture what a weird way to
present that
or look at it so technically it's
it's just an array to the array of items
it's a floating texture which is not
representable in colors so that's why it
looks super
weird every row is an
item at least every three rows is an
item because the first
id is the lot zero then lot one lot
and then the last slot
and then we store xyz of this of course
and the alpha is just there
interesting and we do the same for the
which is looking even more weird yeah
because this is
this is readable but it's not because
we're using quaternions
yeah um i don't want to go into
because nobody wants to
because they're weird yeah uh they're
super weird it's like
let's represent an orientation with four
yep yeah uh and also they are going from
negative one to positive
one to make it even more obvious what it
so yeah we're using quaternions for that
the reason for that it's
easier to do it in the shader you can
just multiply
by quaternion and they get the right
instead of doing xyz rotation then you
have to do the right order and
yeah right do you get like precision
being that you render it to a buffer or
does it actually like
not really matter surprisingly i haven't
noticed anything yet because it's in
32-bit buffer per channel yeah
so it's quite memory expensive but it's
again it's cheaper than having and and
okay just just do a few step back
we used to have a instance component
per unique item per conveyor belt
right let it sink in so if you would
have five different items on the long
conveyor belt you have five unique
in the end that was more of a memory
than having a big ass texture
or 32 uh 32 bits per channel
uh that was just cheaper like in the end
this is taking 1100 kilobytes to render
uh so that that's pretty cheap
how does it scale when you have like 10
times as many conveyor belts as you have
in this scene versus like
you know a million millions of creative
ones or whatever it has a cutoff point
at one point it just doesn't render the
last lot right i'm not sure if we can
get there
that's pretty far away yeah here you can
see that the purple line and the purple
fade away it's really difficult to see
it's quite far you can almost not see
the items anymore uh
and there is consideration to make like
a far distant version
for far distance only but if we get
yeah and um the biggest cost of this
system is on the cpu right now
which is costing this scene is costing
1.1 milliseconds to
do to render all these items and update
it because it needs to run on the game
thread sadly enough
okay it was fully threaded
it was fully working and then i pushed
it out and everybody in the studio was
i was like but it works on my machine
so one of those classic ones like with
threading that works in your machine and
then other people
yeah except for only me and dylan were
were running it and everybody else was
crashing so i was like
yay well obviously you and dylan were
doing something much better than
everyone else
of course obviously um so yeah i had to
strip it out and have to
add that back one day cool so yeah those
those are the items
they are nice so i guess there's still
like a couple of
uh i've seen some people say that
there's still a couple of parts that
moved over to like the new system um if
you do find these
make sure to go to our qa site questions
outside of
and let us know and that goes for all