May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Snutt & Ben Talk: Holograms now use Stencils



stencils instead of the mesh itself
so if we would show a stencil
and what is a stencil this is a stencil
so we are allowed to
write an id a bit to a separate buffer
and we can read that buffer in
post-processing and based on that buffer
we can um apply certain effects
so if i would change to two three four
five here we go we have different ids
and if we go back into the game view
there we go and then we can
apply an outline to it with that effect
magic dismantle effect so now you can
dismantle this rock
totally not a lie but this is how we can
apply the hologram to this rock for
so essentially what you're doing when
you're doing the hologram effect now
instead is you're kind of drawing
on top of the screen sort of with effect
rather than it being like how everything
else is rendered in the game where it's
all like word space and it's
yeah yeah so technically it's like
putting on shades
for this specific object right and i
guess the limitation of doing it that
way means that you can't have
on that object anymore because you're
setting the the the frame is already
and you're drawing on top of the frame
so it's impossible for you to know like
what's behind
something that's already been rendered
that's the problem with it
but the trade-off was so great
because accidentally it also improved
saving times
which was not the intention but
still could win i understand why after
the fact but i didn't think about it
when we were doing it let's say that way
um and also one we'll take it you know
what we'll take it okay
we'll take any benefit that we can get