May 28th, 2021

May 28th, 2021 Dev Vlog: How Lights work in Satisfactory

Q&A: What was the main issue with implementing Lights?



so what was like the main issue with
implementing lights and like why
couldn't we just slap
lights into the game with like the
objects that we had sort of
so first case is the
the infamous object limit that's one of
the reasons
because if you want to build an object
you need to have the object in the world
and we couldn't allow that because that
would just add thousands of thousands of
objects that would
do nothing most of the time so we had to
find a nice solution for that
and second of it lights are really
expensive when they're overlapped with
each other
that's something that we had to find
some kind of solution
for too and also to make it nice for
like just imagine somebody has to spend
a spawn point with 5000 lights on the
the player that joins it that can't
leave it because their computer will
just blow up
right so for all those things we had to
implement the system to
manage lights and in the end it was a