September 8th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Why not try ban all Mods / Do you want people to use Mods ?

September 8th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Why not try ban all Mods / Do you want people to use Mods ?

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i don't mind like the mod so like when when people make mods and they they make uh and then to make the game easier or ridiculous or whatever i'm 100 for that because it's like it is your choice to take these tools and use them if you want to and use them in any way you want however uh it is a difference that again like a million people or like 1.2 million people own this game and the vast majority of them are not going to use mods um and so we have to think about the base game like in the base game what is fun and what is balanced most of these people are not gonna be grabbing mods so they they need to have a good and fair time uh and and be challenged in good ways uh without mods because they're not going to even know they exist or find them or want to use them so uh but for those of you who are really hardcore in this game and honestly it's probably most of you in this chat um you will be able to find the mods i mean fix it dot app you go there and just look around there you'll find the mod manager you have a really you find mods really easily uh and you will have fun with that because you care and want to play the game in a specific way um and then hopefully we will get our official mod support


so do we want people to use mods if you want to yeah if you want to use mods that's an option for everyone we don't have anything against it yeah see that's the thing like if you choose to make the game easier for yourself and then you find the game too easy like watching that was your decision to do that right but maybe you don't find the game too easy maybe it makes the game more fun for you so that's good