May 11th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Grow things?

May 11th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Grow things?

This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: January 17th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Automated Farming?

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grow bed things what does that mean oh you mean like, okay now I see what you mean, no we we've we've kind of wanted to do a farming update, for a long time we, really hoping for it but, mark kind of like put down his foot after looking at the the planning and it's it's like one of the unfortunate things of light like the fact that we want to release the game at some point we don't want to be in early access for forever, we we kind of just like we need to put the foot down and say like okay these are the features that are not going to make it in until 1.0 and farming is one of those things so that's not something that's going to make it into the game before 1.0 after 1.0 maybe, can't say until after we've released the game but but yeah so so we've confirmed that before that we probably aren't going to be making farming for a long time