June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What was the idea behind the new Ore models that got reverted?

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What was the idea behind the new Ore models that got reverted?

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let's see here so what was the idea behind the new ore models back oh yeah that got reverted will there be another attempt of updating them eventually no they're not going to be updated uh i'm not gonna it's a more complex story about the in a nutshell tldr um we tried going into a a direction of making them more um more readable and way more identifiable but uh i personally i think i pushed it two way into a very unique looking thing and they got pushed a little bit too far out of the world it was one of the first major things that i looked into uh and that didn't work well and um yeah i think that was not a good idea on my part and we uh yeah quickly looked into it we kept a few of the redesigns but not all of them and as the ors are readable and working right now um don't fix what's not broken so yeah for those who don't know maybe what we're talking about here there was an update a while ago update between update two and three or was it between three and four must have been three and four because if you joined in january last year yeah it was three um where we did an update on like all the the looks of the ore because we wanted them to be more readable i guess like the silhouette was also a big part of it whereas like a lot of ore just looks the same if you don't like see the colors and stuff like that so we try to make them more uh distinguishable and uh i still can't get over the meme with the the the copper ore with the cone if you know what i'm talking about the glass or the sorry yeah i mean ice cream i mean to some the community really didn't take they didn't take kindly to some of the redesigns and uh what hurt it the most is that well you know what they were right to be fair though that that ice cream cone meme was worth it that was it i was i was laughing alright that was so good yeah it was awesome whoever made that